Ben Basso: Illustrator & Cartoonist


    Tribute to King Kong for ‘The Movie Show’ exhibition at Galerie Maghen, Paris.

    From Bordeaux, France, Ben Basso is an illustrator x cartoonist influenced by Bernie Wrightson, Tim Burton and old black and white movies. His work reflects a hybrid mix these influences resulting in beautifully dark, inky creations. 

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    A thought for all those cute kids who come to see you tonight.
kids by BenBASSO

    Tribute to Edward Scissorhands, one of my favorite movies, for an exhibition at Galerie Arludik.And yeah, I am reading Neal Gaiman’s Sandman. I am afraid that looks obvious…
PITT inken, ink, and white acrylic on A3 bristol paper.

    Good bye 2013, nice to see you, 2014. Hope we’ll have more fun!